Deep Automation Mining Nexus

Behold the Deep Automation Mining Nexus (DAMN), a celebrated faction that has etched its indelible mark upon the galactic stage, flourishing triumphantly throughout its years of unwavering existence. United by a tenacious bond, DAMN stands as a beacon of camaraderie, forged from the crucible of adversity and nurtured by the resolute spirit of its members hailing from diverse backgrounds, their collective expertise serving as a formidable force.

Born from the shattered remnants of a faltering government, besieged relentlessly by external assailants and plagued by insidious infiltrators, DAMN arose as a phoenix from the ashes, propelled forward by a shared vision of forging a destiny anew. With unyielding resolve, these stalwart friends marshaled their combined assets and credits, charting a course toward a sanctuary where the embers of hope could ignite into a blazing inferno.

Along their arduous pilgrimage, they encountered benevolent souls who offered their helping hands, recognizing the indomitable spirit that burned within DAMN's core. Guided by an unwavering dedication to integrity and fairness, DAMN pledges to establish itself as the epitome of a mining faction, revered for its ethical practices and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

At the heart of DAMN's ethos lies the pioneering spirit enshrined within The Right to Mine Act (or the RM Act). In reverence to this seminal legislation, DAMN joyously proclaims that all datacards associated with our mining endeavors shall be made readily available to the public, unencumbered by fees or restrictions. We champion the ideals of accessibility and collaboration, acknowledging that the collective progress of the galaxy hinges upon the unfettered sharing of knowledge and opportunity.

With each dawn that breaks upon the horizons of DAMN's domain, the celestial gates of Public Sales swing wide open, inviting the discerning clientele to embark upon a journey of unbridled prosperity. The esteemed management of DAMN awaits, poised to cater to your every need, facilitating a symphony of transactions wherein the echoes of satisfaction reverberate throughout the cosmos.

Join us, intrepid adventurers and shrewd entrepreneurs alike, as we traverse the starlit tapestry of wealth and triumph. In DAMN, the nexus of ingenuity and possibility lies the key to unlocking the boundless treasures of the galaxy.

Public Sales: OPEN



Some Updates

Some Updates

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